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Ship Packages Easily from Home or Office

  1. 支付: Buy 美国邮政总局地面优势®、优先邮件®, or 特快专递® postage for your packages.
  2. 打印: Print your labels (or see other options if you don't have a printer).
  3. 船: Schedule free Package Pickup1 online or drop off your packages.
  4. 拯救策略: 有了新的, 增强Click-N-Ship® 经验, all customers get lower Commercial Rates. 业务es can get additional savings on select 十大网堵平台s by opting in to the 商业价目表.

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有免费的美国邮政十大网堵平台.com帐户, you can access additional features available in the new, 增强Click-N-Ship 经验: file upload, 批量编辑, 和更多的.


没有规模? 不用担心. Use our Flat Rate shipping products. 如果它适合,它就会发货®2


Save time and schedule a free 美国邮政总局 Package Pickup, all from your home or office.1

Set Your 航运 Preferences

Have one type of package you ship often? Want to get tracking notifications or let recipients know that a shipment is coming their way? Save all your shipping preferences, including package and printing options, 默认返回地址, 参考编号, in your Click-N-Ship Preferences tab.

印刷技巧 & 航运


增加保险 & 额外十大网堵平台

美国邮政总局地面优势、优先邮件, and 特快专递 shipments qualify for free insurance up to $1003. If you'd like to purchase additional insurance, a Return Receipt for proof of delivery, 签名确认, 或其他额外十大网堵平台, you can pay for those extra 十大网堵平台s 和更多的 when you create the shipping label.

看到保险 & 额外十大网堵平台

Include Delivery Instructions

Easily set package delivery instructions when you create your shipping label online. You may request that the carrier leave a package if there's no response at the door or select Hold For Pickup 十大网堵平台 to have recipients pick up their shipments at their local 美国邮政总局 facility.

Save Time with Ship Again

If you send many recurring shipments with the same weight, 十大网堵平台, 收货地址, you don't have to reenter information each time you create a label. Just go to your 航运 History and select "Ship Again" and the label will be added to your cart with the new shipping date.

美国邮政总局 Label Delivery Service

Need to send a package from your home or office, but don't have a printer? 与 增强Click-N-Ship 经验, you can request 美国邮政总局 Label Delivery 十大网堵平台 to get physical labels mailed to your address for a $1.25元(每张标签). 下面是它的工作原理:

  • 出口货物: When you use 增强Click-N-Ship to create a label, go to 额外十大网堵平台 and choose Label Delivery—Outbound. We'll print the label and deliver it to you for a fee.
  • 商业报税表: Use an 增强Click-N-Ship business account to create a return label and make it easier for your customers to send items back to you. For a fee, we'll send you the return label that you can put in your outbound package. If your customer uses the return label, we'll send you an email and add a "postage due" notification in your 航运 Cart.

Click-N-Ship 商业价目表

使用 增强Click-N-Ship 经验 can now sign up for 美国邮政总局's new Click-N-Ship 商业价目表. After you agree to the terms online, you’ll get immediate access to non-published discounted prices for 优先邮件, 美国邮政总局地面优势, 优先邮件退回®, and 美国邮政总局地面优势 Return labels. (These are the lowest rates you can get outside of a Negotiated Service Agreement [NSA].)

1. For details on availability, visit 美国邮政总局.com/pickup. 回来^
2. For mailable items up to 70 lbs. 回来^
3. 保险 coverage is provided against loss, 损害, or missing contents and is limited to a maximum liability of $100 when then the pieces bear an Intelligent 邮件 barcode (IMpb) or 美国邮政总局 retail tracking barcode and the mailer pays retail or commercial prices. For more details, see the Domestic 邮件 Manual Section 503.4. 回来^